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Download Odin Flash Tool to Install Custom ROMs, Kernels, Mods, Recovery, Roots Etc. :

Odin is a tool developed by Samsung to help its devices to upgrade with latest Android OS Firmware. If you are keen to Samsung devices, you might have known that Samsung has its own Samsung Kies Mini to help update the devices to such latest Firmware. Many of the Android users are always looking for a new update so that they can upgrade their respective Android phones with the latest Firmware. To add more, this Odin tool is just developed for the same purpose. This tool serves a very decent UI so that people can update their Samsung cum Android devices with new and very recent Android OS updates as Firmware. Before to get started with it, you need to know everything related this tool which gives you a brief knowledge of it. From here you will learn everything about this Odin tool from the very beginning to the perfect installation of a Firmware.


Android, being an open source platform it allows users to experiment things on the devices. There is a huge number of developers who have been developing new custom Firmware for all kinds of Android devices and hence Samsung too started the same. Samsung has been unleashing some sort of new OS updates to its all kinds of smartphones. To install such official Firmware on the devices, you got to have this Odin tool. Within no time, your current Android device will be upgraded with the latest official OS firmware by using this tool. Odin is only available for Windows OS based PCs as it stands as Windows GUI tool. Make sure you are performing the installation process on a Windows OS based PC.

Odin is a freeware lightweight tool, which can be owned by anyone. Odin is been updating this tool with its most recent updates. You will be given a direct download link of the very latest version, from where you can download the Odin tool’s very recent version. A common use of this Odin tool is to flash a new ROM on a particular Samsung Android Smartphone. People get bored with the same OS and same UI of their smartphones and hence they always are looking for updating and modifying their smartphones. Now, you must be curious to know how to use Odin tool and some other useful details so that you can make use of this tool right away. Following is a step by step installation guide which will help you to know how to use Odin tool. Take a look!

Odin tool has got a few sections all for different purposes. To know more about this, see a below-given picture. There you can see several sections with some instruction on to them. Each box has its own criteria for doing the tasks. Let’s see what these sections represent first.

 odin 1

1. PIT :

Re-partition is a whole separate section in which we need to add a Firmware to update the device. PIT section is not that useful as there’s no need of having .pit file in the Firmware. You better leave this option as it is!

2. Bootloader :

This section is for a new Bootloader. People are trying to use some sort of new firmware to be installed on the devices. However, there’s no use of this section as of the current time. And to install a new firmware it doesn’t make any sense here. Let’s move on to the other section.

3. PDA :

This is the most important section for upgrading your Android device through this tool. The firmware contains the main software file which is being kept by this section. This section plays a vital role in the installation process of a new Firmware.

4. Phone :

Phone section is of no use. It will show you the exact modem of the device which is performing the installation process.

5. CSC :

There is some Firmware which contains more than one files to be installed on a particular device. CSC stands there. Consumer software customization is formerly known as CSC which is responsible as an APN service of a Smartphone. However, there is no need for any change to be made to this section.

6. Start :

After making a proper selection of a Firmware to be installed on an Android device, to start the installation process, the user needs to click on to this Start button. After clicking on to this Start button, the installation process will start itself in a few seconds.

7. Reset :

Reset option helps you to make no changes to the phone. If you have selected a wrong firmware file to be installed on a connected Smartphone, you can click on to this Reset button. It will reset everything and get you a fresh option list like as before.

8. Exit :

Exit option allows quitting the tool. After having a Pass message of the installation process, click on to Exit button.

This is exactly what these different sections represent; some of them are essential ones to go further with the installation process. You can learn a specific use of them in the following step by step tutorial which shows you how to download this tool to update your current Samsung Android Smartphone. Now, to get started with it, you got to check the list of some of the basic prerequisites of this tool which is enlisted in the following list.

List of Prerequisites to Use Odin Tool :

  • Odin is only available for Samsung smartphones which run on the Android operating system
  • The device on which this process is going to be performed must be a rooted one installed with a proper recovery
  • The user needs to have a Windows OS based PC to run the installation process
  • Odin tool is specially designed for Windows users only stands as Windows GUI tool
  • Make sure Samsung Kies software is closed, it should not be run while using Odin tool
  • To install a Firmware, you got to download a proper Firmware of a relative device from XDA-developers site
  • Gather all the basic information of using this tool before to start
  • A proper data cable to connect the device to the PC to run the installation process

This is what you need to have before starting the installation process. Now, the next thing you might want to know is how to use this tool.

Being an advanced tool for custom ROMs and Firmware, Odin can be used for several things to troubleshoot your Samsung devices. The only thing it requires is a compatible firmware update for the respective Android device. If you get the right Firmware for your Samsung device, then you can quickly install this update with the latest Odin tool which is now updated to its latest version.

Odin is constantly under its development phase, and developers are always working for the improved version of the tool to simplify the processes and to clear off the bugs and errors. Thankfully, we have got the latest version of Odin I.e. Odin 3.13.1 with us. You can download Odin 3.13.1 for your Windows system to install the latest Firmware on Samsung devices.

The update comes with a lot of improvements and bug fixes. It runs smoothly on your Windows system and doesn’t corrupt in between the process. You will have your Samsung device updated in just a couple of minutes. Here, we have listed down all the available versions of the Odin tool including the latest Odin 3.13.1. Of course, you will be able to download all the versions of this tool from here. Just follow the given links and get the installation file of the selected Odin tool.

Many Samsung users who want to update their smartphones with the latest Firmware updates have one question in common and I.e. How to use the Odin tool. If you too are confused and don’t know how to make use of this tool, then the following steps will help you out. You can always go through our step by step guidelines which are also mentioned in this article. The following steps will give you an overview of using the Odin tool on a Windows PC to upgrade Samsung devices with the new firmware.

Following a brief tutorial will help you to teach the exact process of using this tool

How to Flash Firmware with Odin?

Step 1 :

The most initial thing you need to do is downloading Odin tool. If you don’t know from where to download this tool, you need not to worry. As we have mentioned earlier, you will be given a direct download link of the latest version of the Odin tool, to Download Odin for your Windows PC.

Step 2 :

Make sure to download Odin tool first. You need to extract this downloaded Odin tool wherever you want to on your PC on which you are going to perform this installation process.

Step 3 :

Open this extracted folder. There you can see four different files in which you need to right click on to the first option “Odin3 v3.07” and then click on to Run as administrator option. (This process will install this Tool in a very convenient way on your PC.)

odin 2

Step 4 :

You have installed Odin tool on your PC. (Being a lightweight tool, it takes no time to install on the PC. It will be launched right away after clicking on to a run option. )

Step 5 :

Now, boot the device into Download mode. If you don’t know how to do this follow the below given instructions.

Turn your Samsung phone off, press Volume Down+Home Button+Power button altogether. You will have a warning message on whether to continue or not. Press Volume Up button to move further with the process.

Step 6 :

Now, connect your device by using a proper data cable to the PC. Make sure you are using an original data cable which comes along with the device. It keeps everything goes smoother.

Step 7 :

Launch Odin tool. You will have the same screen which looks like the following one with all the above-mentioned set of sections.

odin 3

Step 8 :

Make sure the two options are ticked while starting up the process. Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time options must be ticked out here. If not, tick it out by using your Mouse, else you will have a number of unwanted data and some other stuff after completing the process.

odin 4

Step 9 :

Now, in this step, you have to select a proper file. Almost every new Firmware contains a direct software file with tar.md5 extension at the end. However, there is some old Firmware which contains a set of four different files. Being the latest version, you must be up with the latest Firmware to be installed on your Android device. If your Firmware contains three different files there’s a separate option of it too.

Step 10 :

Click on to the PDA section, there will be a new Window of your PC. Make sure to select a tar.md5 file from your downloaded firmware. (You are requested to keep your downloaded Firmware on your PC’s main home screen, it will be more convenient choosing the desired files. )

Step 11 :

If you have a whole set of files having PDA, Phone and CSC files, you are requested to select one by one in all the respective sections.

Step 12 :

When your device gets properly connected to the PC, you can see the first rectangle box will turn yellow or Skies Blue. It means you’re good to go!

odin 5

Step 13 :

Now, make a proper selection of a file stated as above. Click on to PDA section and select a file ends with tar.md5. (Take a look on to PDA section described above. It loads the main software file from the Firmware. )

Step 14 :

Odin will load all the data of chosen file on the tool which is going to be transferred on your connected device. This process will take a few seconds to load the data of your firmware.

Step 15 :

Double check everything is done by you in previous steps. Now, click on to Start button once to start the process.

Step 16 :

It will take around four to five minutes to complete the installation process of a new Firmware.

Note: Do not unplug/ disconnect the device from USB cable until the installation process gets done properly!

Step 17 :

After completing this installation process, your phone will reboot itself which signs as a completion of the process. And one more thing you will have a PASS message on your Odin tool which says you have successfully installed a new Firmware on that attached Smartphone without any system failure.

odin 6

Note: In between or at the end of the installation process, if you face any problem, give it a second chance. Sometimes, it happens to some Samsung devices. Instead of giving up, you better try this whole process once again.


Download Odin

This is how the whole process goes on! Make sure to follow each of the mentioned steps correctly. To get a better set of results one must have to gain a proper knowledge of this Odin tool which is fortunately served by us here in this article. I know you must be waiting for a link to Download Odin 3.13.1, the latest version of the Odin tool. Download link lies below.

We have enlisted the download links of different Odin versions above. You can get the latest version of Odin tool i.e. v3.13.1 from the above-mentioned download links. Just click the Download link and get the latest Odin tool from there for your Windows PC.

To Download Odin v3.13.1, click on to the above-given Download image. You will be taken to a page which will tell you everything about Odin 3.07 including its features & uses, and you can also download this flash tool from that page. Just click on the download button on that page, and you will be able to download Odin v3.07 for free. And then you just need to follow this tutorial to make better use of Odin tool to update Samsung smartphones which run on Android OS to their respective new Firmware updates.

If you want an overview to using this tool on a Windows system, then here we have listed down the steps which you need to follow on any Samsung device while working with the Odin tool.

How to use an Odin tool?

Step 1: Finding the compatible Firmware File for your Samsung device

The first thing you need to do here is a search for the updated Firmware for a respective Samsung device to flash it using the Odin tool. The best platform to search for the Firmware files is XDA Forum. From this platform, you can get the updated Firmware file for your Samsung device. You have to spend a little time searching for the suitable firmware and you will get it from here.

Once you find the right Firmware file, you have to download the Firmware update from that particular website for your device. Keep the firmware file downloaded on your desktop.

Step 2: Extracting the Firmware file

Once you get the Zip file of the Firmware, the next thing you need to do is extracting the downloaded firmware file. To do so, you have to right click on to the Downloaded Firmware file and select Extract all option. You will see different types of files here in the extracted folder. Keep these files to the folder which is easy to locate.

Step 3: Grabbing the right drivers

Once you get the firmware files, now you need to get the compatible drivers for your PC so that the Samsung devices can connect properly to the device. You can get suitable drivers for your Samsung devices. You can head over to their official websites to get the compatible USB flash drivers for your PC system. You have to get the right drivers for your PC, otherwise, the process can be interrupted and you will have to face many issues with your Samsung device.

Step 4: Get the latest version of Odin

The next step is getting the latest version of the Odin tool. We have enlisted all the versions with their respective Download links here in this article. The developers have recently released the new Odin v13.3.1. If you have a newer Samsung device, then you must use the latest updated version of the Odin tool for your Windows PC.

Once you click the Download link, you will get a Zip file of the Odin tool. You need to unzip the downloaded file and run the file with exe extension. The Odin tool will be installed on your Windows system.

Note: Odin tool is designed for Windows PCs only. The same tool will not be working on the Mac systems. You have to use this flashing process on a Windows PC with Odin tool.

Step 5: Connecting your Samsung Phone to the PC

Now, you have to put your device into the Download mode while connecting it to the Windows PC. To do so, first, switch off your Samsung device by pressing the Power button. Now, press Power+ Volume Down and Home button simultaneously. Your device will be in the Download mode. The process can be different and you can always search for the Download Mode process on Google for your respective smartphone.

After this, get a compatible USB data cable and connect your device to the PC system.

Step 6: Flashing the Firmware

The final step is flashing the firmware to your Samsung device. Go to the Odin application which is installed on your PC system. You can follow our step by step guidelines to install the firmware on a respective device.

The Flashing system will take up to 12 minutes of time, you have to be patient enough to finish this process. Your device can also take a few more minutes to reboot. Don’t panic and let the Odin tool works for you. Soon, your device will be turned on and it should be running on the latest Firmware.

To check if your device is upgraded to a newer firmware, you can follow the below-given path on your device.

Go to: Settings >> About Phone >> Software Information >> Firmware Version

You will see the current firmware number or version here on this page. You can also check the same by visiting the Settings and Software update page where you will see the Firmware version number of your device.

This is what you need to follow in order to Flash your Samsung device with the new Firmware version. The process is easy and anyone can flash their devices with the latest firmware by following these simple steps. We have also provided the screenshots in the step by step tutorial. Go ahead, get the details, install the latest Odin version and flash your mobile phone with the new Firmware update.

This was all about this very useful and important Windows GUI software, Odin. Odin is mostly used by every developer and almost every Samsung Smartphone users just to update and modify the current OS of their respective devices. No matter whether you are a newbie or a master, follow everything mentioned here before to get started with it. In between the installation process, if you find any problems feel free to let us know. We would be come up with a proper solution related to your Problems.

We are always open to the discussions. If you have any queries or issues with the tool or the flashing process, do let us know in the comments sections. We will provide proper solutions to your queries and questions.

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