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Odin has released its most stable version, Odin 3.04. This newer version got unleashed after an announcement of Samsung Galaxy S3 device. And to get the best results, you should use the most recent version of it. Most of all the geeks who have been engaged with this rooting and installing new Firmwares do recommend to use such newer versions. And we are here to provide you a direct link of this Odin 3.04 from where you can easily download Odin 3.04 version for your PC.

Odin 3,04

I’m sure there must be a question floating around on your mind that, Why to use a newer version? Well the answer is, newer versions are always there with a clear set of services. It comes along with a number of new features and bug fixes. So, to get everything done successfully at the end of the process, you just need to use the most recent version of it. Since this is the recent update from Odin, it’s called as the most stable version of this tool which is highly recommended by all the tech geeks.

Odin 3.04 is specially designed for new Samsung’s devices. Nowadays, Samsung releases all the high end smartphones with some kinds of extra amazing features and this is the only reason why so many people get attracted towards it. People do really like to get a hands-on of any smartphone and they are always searching for a new smartphone to purchase. Samsung carries a whole set of such smartphones and people prior a Samsung device when it comes to purchase a new smartphone.

The next question would be like, What Odin 3.04 allows its users? The Odin 3.04 allows you to flash many kinds of files on your current Android device just by attaching your phone to the PC by using a proper USB data cable. You can flash any kernels, stock and custom ROMs, different kinds of hacks suitable for your Android device.

In addition, Odin is the best and most reliable piece of tool to get you a new OS upgraded smartphone. To know more about it, Odin is a Windows GUI software and it only runs on Windows operating system. So, if you are using any other PCs, it won’t work on them. Odin is specially designed for Windows PCs and Samsung devices only. Of course, there are many alternatives to flash a new custom ROM or anything on your Android devices from the other PCs. You could easily search for them and get them downloaded to make use of them anytime from within your PC.

To make use of this Odin tool from your Windows PC, first you need to know each and everything about this tool. Like how to install it on a PC, from where to download it, how to install it on a PC, how to connect the phone to a PC, and how to flash a new ROM on an Android device by using this tool. You can get every needful details from here. By clicking on to that link you can get all the proper answers of the above questions well described. To get the best results, you need to follow all the above information well. It can be dangerous in either way.

This newer version of Odin, Odin 3.04 is designed for all kinds of Samsung Android devices. So, you don’t need to be worried about whether your phone will be attached well or not? This version works well for almost every kinds of Android devices and so on yours too. Samsung devices can be attached well for sure, and the interesting thing is it supports some other Android smartphones too. However, they should not take any risks as it’s neither an official way nor a legal way.

You may proceed further to the direct download links of Odin 3,04 software. To download Odin 3.04, you just need to click on to the below download button.

Download Odin 3.04 


Click on to the above Download button once, your downloading will start at the same moment, Being a light version, it won’t take much time, it will be downloaded within a few seconds. The downloaded file will be available in Zip file and you need to extract it first before to get started. After that, you just need to click on to the proper file with Odi3 v3.04 .exe name. You’re done!

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