Download Samsung Android USB Drivers

Download Samsung Android USB Drivers for Windows 7, 8, XP & Vista:

Samsung users usually complained about not transferring files from device to the PC, not being able to Root the device, not allowed to install some kinds of software and a lot many more. If you are using a Samsung device and facing any from the above mentioned problems, you don’t have a keen knowledge of using a Samsung device. For your kind information, Samsung offers a special set of drivers which need to be installed on the PC on which you are working with. These drivers are there to get your all problems solved, Samsung Android USB Drivers. It will make your PC or laptop compatible with all your Samsung Android smartphones and tablets, letting you connect your mobile devices with the computer on the go and do things like transferring files, syncing, for installing custom ROMs, kernels, mods etc. with the help of Odin. As we have let you know earlier, that Odin requires the user to have the essential Samsung Android USB drivers installed on the PC so that you can install custom ROMs, kernels, mods,roots etc. on your Samsung Android device. If you are not having these drivers installed on your PC, then Odin will not recognize your device, leaving you unable to flash ROMs using Odin. But you don’t need to worry, from here you will be able to Download Samsung Android USB Drivers.

Samsung Android USB Drivers

The Korean Giant, Samsung has got a very huge list of all kinds of different smartphones for every kind of people, starting from the lower range to the extreme high range. People usually do like to use Samsung mobiles because of its simplicity and of course an Android OS studded in it. Samsung and Android known as the best companions in the current tech market. Apart from this, you are here to get some useful details of this Samsung Android USB Drivers. From here you can have learn everything about this Drivers and we have made a useful step by step tutorial which shows you how to install Samsung Android USB Drivers on your Windows PC.

Before we get started with it, make sure your PC runs on Windows OS as this Samsung Android USB Drivers are Windows GUI tools and hence it can only run on Windows based OS. Moreover, this set of Drivers is officially provided by Samsung itself. It’s for free and you need not to pay anything to anyone to download it and to making a use of it. You can everything for free including every useful details of it from here. You just need to pay some of your time to learn and to download this drivers for your Windows PC. Now, let’s see how to install this Samsung Android USB Drivers.

How to Install Samsung Android USB Drivers on Windows PC?

Step 1 :

Download Samsung Android USB Drivers. You can download this set of drivers from the link which we will be given to you soon.

Samsung Android USB Drivers

Note: You can download Samsung Android USB Drivers with two different websites. Either directly from Samsung’s official site or from the XDA developers site. Both will get you the same set of Drivers which can be used after complete the downloading of it.

Step 2 :

Make sure to uninstall all kinds of other installed Software for Samsung phones from your current Windows PC. This might terminate the process of installation. You need to make everything clear here, so that this new Drivers can easily be installed on your PC.

Step 3 :

After uninstalling every unused Samsung phone’s software and other tools from the PC, restart your system once.

Step 4 :

Samsung Android USB Drivers which we will be downloading soon, will be in Zip file format, Extract all files on your Desktop so that you can install them.

Samsung Android USB Drivers 1

Step 5 :

Now, click on to the main file of Samsung USB Drivers and launch the installation file by double clicking on it.

Step 6 :

Installation process will get you some instructions while these drivers are being installed. You need to follow ever given instructions and if needed tick mark or click on to next button to run the process ahead.

Step 7 :

Installation will takes several minutes to complete the task. After that you can see a successful message at the end of the installation process.

Samsung Android USB Drivers

Step 8 :

After having a successful message on your desktop’s screen you can see an option with Exit button. You need to click on to is and then ¬†you are requested to close every running applications and other thing from your PC.

Samsung Android USB Drivers 3

Step 9 :

Now, you need to restart your system once again to complete the installation process without any failure.

Step 10 :

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Samsung Android USB Drivers on your Windows PC. Make use of them by now!

This was all about installing Samsung Android USB Drivers on your Windows PC. Make sure your PC runs on Windows OS before applying anything. To check whether the drivers are installed or not, you need to follow some simple steps.

Step 1 :

Bring our an original USB cable of your device. You are requested to use the original USB Cable which came along with the device itself as a free accessory.

Step 2 :

Connect this USB Cable into your PC and to device as well.

Step 3 :

Samsung Android USB Drivers will come in an action automatically. You can see Drivers installation process on your desktop’s system tray.

Step 4 :

Wait for a few seconds. You will have a successful message soon.

Step 5 :

After seeing a successful message you are allowed to use your device to transfer files from device to PC or PC to device and every other things.

To download Samsung Android USB Drivers for Windows 7/8/XP/Vista, just click on the download button below, and the download process will start right away. After downloading, just follow the installation procedure mentioned above to install these Samsung Android USB Drivers on your PC.


Download Android USB Drivers


odin 7


You just need to click on to the above Download button to start downloading these drivers. After complete downloading, make sure to follow the above given step by step instructions and you will have these very useful drivers installed on your PC. By then, you can Root your device, can transfer files from PC to Phone and from Phone to PC, you may not get any bug messages and a lot many other hidden features. You just need to install it once, after that your phone will automatically be connected to the PC.

If you want to install custom ROMs on your Samsung Android smartphone or tablet, then you will have to download Odin 3.07 or Odin 1.85 on your computer, having these USB drivers installed, an then flash the custom firmwares by following the instructions in Odin.

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