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Samsung Kies is a freeware software application which is specially designed for Samsung smartphones to communicate between a Samsung device to your Windows or Mac system. I’m sure you have heard about iTunes and its popularity. Right? iTunes is one of the best freeware tool that allows iDevices to sync everything within the software. To take backup, to update the current OS and many more things can be easily done by this tool. Samsung Kies does the same thing for Samsung devices.

Samsung Kies

Key Intuitive Easy System is a full form of this Freeware software. Being a top notch smartphone giant, Korean manufacture Samsung had unleashed this freeware tool to make your smartphone alive. Initially, Samsung Kies was only available for a few Samsung devices with its Mini version. And now it’s full version gets unleashed for all the Samsung smartphones. And from here you can download Samsung Kies for Windows and Mac system easily.

Since it’s a freeware tool for your PC system, you need to fulfill some basic requirements to install this tool application on your current Windows or Mac system. Following we have compiled a short list of all the basic requirements of this tool. Have a look!

Basic requirements to install Samsung Kies on your PC

  • Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64-bit); Mac OS X 10.5 and later
  • CPU: For Windows Intel Core 2 Duo and above
  • RAM: Minim1 GB
  • Free Space: For Windows 500 MB and for Mac 100 MB

Your PC must have these much requirements to install this so useful tool on your system. To know more, this tool works just good on both the systems, Windows and Mac and it has gained a wast popularity over the globe with its so seamless user interface. It’s easy to use and provides you the best experience to sync everything of your smartphone. Following is a list that lets you know how this tool can be a helpful one for you and your Samsung device.

Uses of Samsung Kies

  • User can connect their Samsung devices to the PC easily
  • It helps you to synchronize everything store on your device
  • You can take a very good backup of all your stored data on your PC
  • It helps you to transfer multimedia stuffs like pictures, videos, songs, apps and all the other important ones from PC to your device and vice versa
  • It provides you seamless data transfer between your PC to your Samsung smartphone
  • User can purchase apps and other stuffs from within this tool itself
  • To upgrade device firmwares and current operating system without having any troubles, easily
  • Search, browser, download and manage apps from your PC of your Samsung device easily
  • It’s easier to work without a Data cable and a Wire with this new tool
  • Create a private playlist and transfer it to your device’s music player
  • The purchased apps will automatically be installed on your device

They all are impressive. Aren’t they? Yes, they are! Samsung Kies is the best tool to sync data of your Samsung device and almost each Samsung users uses this tool to merge up the things and for having a good backup of their current Samsung device. Yes, I know you must be waiting for the download links of your respective PC. From the following links you can download Samsung Kies easily. Both the links for Windows PC and for Mac are provided separately. Choose your current PC and hit on to the link, your downloading will start right away!

Download Samsung Kies

  • Download Samsung Kies for Windows PC


  • Download Samsung Kies for Mac


You can download Samsung Kies from the above Download buttons. Now, there is one more interesting thing available in this tool. At its initial stage, Samsung Kies only allows to connect the device with a proper USB data cable. However, now you can connect your device Wirelessly. Yes, it provides a new WAN connectivity between your device and a PC. By using a Wi-Fi connection or a Bluetooth connection, you can connect the Samsung device with your PC seamlessly.

People like to use this tool as they are always looking for some changes to be made on their current smartphone. They just get bored with the same OS and its same UI. If you are keen to techno updates, you must be aware that Samsung offers numerous OS updates for its devices on a regular basis. To upgrade a Samsung device with such new official OS Firmware, people like this tool as it needs no any special skills to upgrade the current OS of the device.

Installation process of Samsung Kies on your PC is very simple and easy. For that, first you need to download Samsung Kies software from the above links for your respective system. After completing the downloading process, you just need to click on to the download file. If your downloaded file is on zip file, you need to extract the file first. Tap on to the main .exe file and accept the process by clicking on to the Yes option. After this, you just need to follow some basic instructions of the location where it gets stored and other ones. It takes several minutes to finish the installation process. Make sure to reboot your system once after complete the installation process. Now, you are allowed to connect your Samsung device to your PC right away!

This was all about this Samsung Kies freeware tool. Samsung Kies is a freeware tool with a lot many more useful features and it’s like an essential tool for your Samsung device. If you are using a Samsung device you got to download this tool right away. For that, first you need to see a full detailed report first which is very well given above in this post. Make sure your PC has all the required things so that you can easily make use of Samsung Kies from your PC.

If you have any queries or any questions, you can ask us anytime. We are here to help you out at any time. We would like to hear from you and your feedback is always Welcomed!

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